The Rhythm Revolution Presents:


3 days of spinning classes in an outdoor amphitheater,
meaningful art installments, yoga on the grass and multiple genres of LIVE music
for both classes & evening shows.


We basically pack up our satellite space in Denver, and take our studio production out on the road.

Out in the communities and at the business venues we love and support.

We like to take our bikes to weird, random and un-suspecting places.

From retail spaces, to restaurants, to rooftops, to night clubs, to parking lots, to hot springs resorts, we quite literally bring the show to you in the places you go but would never expect to ride a bike in.

Every show has a different name. Unique to the venue itself. These experiences are LIVE and totally unscripted.

Our DJ's plug in and the teachers teach based on what they hear. The music, the many beats, and tempos (rhythm) is boss.

With 24 shows produced in the past three years, we now bring you our biggest production to date to Chaffee County’s Salida.

So you knowwww, REALLY good, unique, eclectic music is our jam. We dig the Underground Sounds. The more Global Sounds. The cutting edge music being produced today kinda sounds as opposed to more recognizable mainstream and top 40 classics.

While all that's fun and totally on cross country drive playlists, our mission at Rhythm is to introduce you to fresh tracks, artists and genres you may not have hear before. So mount up.

Prepare to get woke.