The Underground Tour
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The Rhythm Revolution Presents:


We've packed up our studio space while we wait for our new location in LoHi to be completed in the late Summer/Early Fall. In the interim we’re taking a portion of our specially curated SOUND cycle and BUTI Yoga classes UNDERGROUND throughout the Spring and Summer to all of our favorite venues all over Denver.

The DJ booth comes with, providing our unique LIVE sound at all of the places that we go.

Join us for this season, for Denver’s one-of-a-kind traveling fitness experience.

Weekly schedule:

Week of July 15th

T U E 7/16

5:30pm SOUNDcycle @ Dairy Block

6:30pm SOUNDcycle @ Dairy Block

S A T 7/20

10:00am SOUNDcycle @ The Milk Market - Sweat in the City

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Is exciting and new and fun. But also a little bit different than what you might be used to with our previous in-studio classes...


We are super excited to offer several of our studio class formats in unique venues on the road. But when we pop-up in different locations, oftentimes we are unable to provide certain amenities that you might be used to in the studio space (such as changing rooms). We’ll do our best to have bottled water and towels on hand, but please come prepared, dressed in your workout clothes and with anything you might need including spin shoes if you’ve got ‘em.

In our current space at 2949 Federal, we are going SUPER underground. Although we have electricity, there is no heat or central air and no running water… which means, no potties. We know it’s a bit of a pain but there are local businesses nearby if nature calls. Please wear layers to accommodate any spring chills and feel free to bring your sunglasses to combat evening sunset glare.

Also, we’re pretty stoked to have some cool outdoor spaces booked for the tour in the summer months. But that also puts us at the mercy of the elements. Since we’re moving bikes around and such, sometimes rain, wind or other unfortunate weather might keep us from having class as usual. In the event of this happening, we’ll make sure to reschedule these classes as best as we can and/or credit you for a future class.

If you ever have any questions about where to go/park/etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out via Instagram @rrroadshow or email and someone from our team will be in touch to get you ready to ride.


Need to cancel? We understand that life happens and things come up that prevent us from always making it to the places we want to go. But on the Underground Tour, the show must go on with or without you. That’s why we ask that if you must cancel, please do so 12 hours prior to the scheduled class start time. So if you’re booked for a 5:30pm, make sure to cancel before 5:30am same day to avoid being charged a $15 fee.

Additionally, we want to provide the best Road Show experience possible, and as such, reserve the right to cancel any classes that have less than 10% pre-booked attendance within 4 hours of class start time. Book classes with friends and this will be a non-issue!